Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is Virtual memory – explained

Disk storage used to expand the capacity of RAM
When RAM is exceeded, virtual memory is treated as if it were RAM

Uses paging technique
  Pages are blocks of information moved from RAM into virtual memory
On a Pentium computer, blocks are 4 KB
 Pages are moved back into RAM when needed
A paging file is the area of disk allocated for virtual memory
   Initial and maximum size of the paging file
                      Set initial size to at least 1.5 times RAM
           Set maximum size to twice the initial size
                       Do not place the paging file on the boot partition
            Place a paging file on each disk (except the boot partition)
            Place paging file on main disk for a mirrored set or volume
            Do not place a paging file on a stripe set or volume, or RAID-5 volume

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