Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Remotely install software by Group policy

          If you would install software more than hundred workstation, we need a man power or special software to deploy. We can deploy the software through the group policy. The software installation policy takes effect only after restarting the client workstation.
In Microsoft uses two methods to deploy the software.

1)      Assigning
2)     Publishing

Assigning :-
                In the assigning method, we need to assign the software to computers or users. It will install when the user logon to their computers.

Publishing :-
                In the publishing method, the software will not install automatically. The software will be display on add or remove programs, manually install from there.

                Before creating a software installation policy, we need to create a software distribution point on the server. Create a shared network folder and assign the access permission to domain users. Put the msi file (software source) to distribution point for installation.

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