Thursday, February 10, 2011

Backup types and how to take backup

1) Normal Backup:
- Backup all files and folder after backup it rename ARCHIVE Bit

2) Daily Backup:
- Backup all selected files and folders which created or modified on daily raises. After backup it does not remove ARCHIVE Bit.

3) Copy Backup:
- Backups all selected files and folders after backup it will not remove ARCHIVE Bit.

4) Incremental Backup:
 - Backup all selected file and folders which are created or modified after last backup. After backup it does not remove ARCHIVE Bit.

Normal Backup:
-         we take normal backup the first time only because the normal backup take all file or folder to backup>

How to Take Backup:
1-     Start – Program – Accessories – System Tools – Backup.
2-     Select backup wizard then next.
3-     Select Backup select files, drive, or network data (if you want to take backup for files data drive) click next. Backup media of file name d:\backup.bkf. next finish.

Incremental Backup:
-         After take normal backup after that time we can take incremental backup because the incremental backup it will take only which file or folder you are created or modify.

How to take incremental Backup?
-        Start – run ntbackup, you will get wizard, click next
-        Backup wizard advanced, next, select your folder you want take backup, next, Browse, Completing the Backup Wizard, Advanced, Finish, Click Advanced, Type of Backup, Select Incremental, Next, Append this backup to the existing, Later, any name can give, OK.

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