Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Windows 2008 Active Directory replication features

·        It partitioning of the data store and domain controllers in a domain hosts only the domain naming context for their domain. It helps keep replication to a minimum, particularly in mltidomain forests.

·        It includes application directory partition and global catalog – partial set of attribute. By default, it not replicated to every domain controller in the forest.

·        Within a single site, distinct control of intrasite replication and Intersite replication (between sites).

·        It has features of collision detection and management. Although rare, that an attribute will have been modified on two different domain controllers during a single replication. In such a situation, the two changes will have to be reconciled. ADS have resolution algorithms’ that satisfy almost
all situations.

·        Attribute level of replication. If an object attribute is modified, only that attribute only will be replicate, the entire object is not replicated except when the new object is created.  

·        By default, Active directory will configure an effective the, two way replication topology. So that the loss of any one domain controller does not impact the replication. This topology automatically created when as domain controller are moved, added or moved between sites.

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