Monday, March 28, 2011

What is schema in the active directory?

                The schema contains the definition for all the objects (example: user, computer and printers) in the directory. If we create an object in an active directory, it is validated against the corresponding object definition in the schema before being record to the directory. The schema is made up of classes and attributes. The default schema contains a set of object classes and attributes to meet our desired needs. Schema is extensible; we can modify and add attributes and classes to the base schema. Schema changes can affect the entire network. So before changing the schema, test in the lab environment.

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qhayum said...

AD Schema: To use this snap-in, you need to manually register it by selecting Start, Run (or entering a command-prompt session), and typing ‖regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll‖ you can open an MMC session and choose Add/Remove Snap-in from the Console menu, then select Active Directory Schema from the Add Standalone Snap-In dialog box
To modify the AD schema, you need to use a different utility: the MMC ADSI Edit snap-in. ADSI Edit is essentially a low-level AD editor that lets you view, change, and delete AD objects and object attributes. In terms of usefulness and potential danger, ADSI Edit is to AD what the regedit or regedt32 registry editors are to the system registry. To use the ADSI Edit utility to make schema modifications, you first need to be a member of the Schema Admins group.
Run – CMD type this ---regsvr32 adsiedit.dll