Friday, March 11, 2011

Global catalog in active directory

     Global catalog is a centralized and distributed data repository;

It contains searchable and partial representation of every object in every domain in the forest.

It stored on a domain controller, it has been designated as global catalog server and is distributed by
multimaster replication.

If we search the active directory objects that are redirected to the global catalog, because it is faster, it
does not involve referral to different domain controller.

It has ability to locate objects from any domain without having to know the domain name.

The global catalog updated and built automatically by active directory.

For optimize search, we can edit the schema by adding and removing attributes that are stored in global

In single domain forest, global catalog server stores a full and writable replica of the domain. It does not
store partial data.

                                    I will post more details in the upcoming articles.

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