Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to get or find the remote system up-time.

To find the system uptime in the local system.

                In local system we can find the system uptime, by using the following command in the command prompt.
 “net stats srv
 It will give the system statistics with uptime…

To find the system uptime of remote system.
                We find the remote system uptime, with the help of PSTOOL utility. We need to download the utility from the following location http://download.sysinternals.com/Files/PsTools.zip. After download and extract the zip file and extract to “C” Drive or any location. Then go to the command prompt in the pstool extracted location. For example c:\pstool.

In the command prompt the below syntax command will be used for login to remote system.

Psexec \\remotesystemname or \\remotesystem-ipaddress cmd

The cmd is used for login  to remote system command prompt.

C:\pstool>psexec \\ cmd
After executing this command, remote system command prompt will appear.
Then execute this command “net stats srv”. You will get the results for remote system uptime and statistics.

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Sitaram said...

You can get uptime easily using uptime command. If you are not using windows 7/2008/vista, you need to download this utility. You can use powershell also to get uptime