Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Group types in active directory

                   Group is a collection of user, computer accounts and other group accounts into controllable unit. Groups help simplify network tasks, maintenance and administrations.

Two types of Groups in Active directory:-
  • Distributions groups
  • Security groups

Distributions groups:-

                This group can be used only for e-mail distributions such as in exchange server, for sending the e-mail to multiple users. It’s not securely-enabled; because it not listed in DACLs (Discretionary access control lists). We can’t use to filter group policy settings and also we can’t give permission to this type of groups.

Security groups:-

                This group can be used to grant permission for resources like shared folders. It is listed in the DACLs. If we would like assign permission for a shared folder to 200 users, better way to create a security group and assign the permission to that group and add users that group. We can assign user rights to security groups, by using GP (group policy) to help delegate specific tasks.


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